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Entranceway Permit

Please complete the application pursuant to By-Law 11-00. 

Important Information


  • The minimum standard for entrance culverts will provide for a corrugated steel culvert of no less than 400 mm diameter and a length to be established based on site conditions and location.
  • Culverts shall be bedded in no less than 150 mm of ⅝ crushed stone. The bedding material shall be 150 mm in width on each side of the pipe and to a height equal to ½ the diameter of the culvert. The bedding material will extend 150 mm beyond the ends of the culvert pipe.
  • End treatments for entrance will be constructed in granular or asphalt to a 2:1 side slope. No headwalls of any kind i.e. concrete/timbers will be permitted.
  • Entrances will be maintained by the abutting landowner at their expense.
  • The Corporation shall maintain and replace, from time-to-time as required, all entranceway culverts installed under the provisions of this By-law, and installed prior to the passing of the by-law, except that the Corporation shall not maintain nor replace any portion of a culvert which is in excess of the length required by the standards established by the Corporation. The Corporation shall not be responsible for the maintenance of culverts installed for the purpose of improving a lawn or other frontage. The maintenance of the driving surface of all entranceways shall be the responsibility of the applicant or his heirs and assigns.


  • If an abutting landowner wishes to close a ditch in they must file a written request to the Municipality accompanied by an approved engineer’s plan detailing the closed drainage scheme being proposed.
  • Any approved closure will be limited to a 2-metre set back from property line that must remain open and accessible for maintenance and drainage purposes. Any approved closed drainage systems will be constructed solely at the cost of the abutting landowner.


 Subject to the provisions:

  1. The entranceway shall be constructed in accordance with Schedule “A” Clause 9, under by-law 11-00.
  2. The cost of construction of the entranceway shall be borne entirely by the applicant.
  3. The size and type of culvert typically shall be galvanized steel pipe with a minimum diameter of 400mm and 7m maximum length.

4. Proposed work will be performed by the following contractor:


Personal Information contained on this form is collected pursuant to the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and will be kept confidential and used for the purpose of responding to your request.

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